From Death Into Life: Lent & Easter 2023

Lent is a sacred time of the year, when we pause, repent, reflect, and get ready for the joy of Easter. We take moments to intentionally reflect: on our habits, our faults, and ways that we can improve. It’s not about beating ourselves up; like everything we do, it’s about grace. We give grace to ourselves as we’ve gotten it from God, even as we look for ways to better give grace and love to others.

Lent is about acknowledging what’s wrong – in ourselves and in the world – so that we may move forward. We acknowledge sin, and death, and wrong, so that we can step into grace, and life, and love. As often happens in our lives, we have to come to terms with what is so that we can step into what can be.

Love is stronger than death, and we take the whole journey so that we can feel Easter in our bones.

If you’ve been looking for the right time to come join us or to come back, Lent is a perfect time. Here’s what we’ve got going on during this sacred season in addition to our services of Word and Table, held every Sunday at 10:15AM.

ASH WEDNESDAY: February 22, 2023. 6:30PM.
On Ash Wednesday, we begin our Lenten journey by acknowledging the reality of our own mortality. As Christians have for centuries, we repent and kneel and receive ash on our foreheads with the words, “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”

Visit from ASCENTRIA: February 26, 2023
On the first Sunday in Lent after worship, we’ll hear from Ascentria on a variety of ways that we can help immigrants and refugees in our community. For more information on Ascentria, click here:

Lenten Suppers: Every Wednesday in March, 6:30PM.
Every Wednesday in March, we’ll gather in our fellowship hall for a meal, the Eucharist, prayer, and reflection about David Lose’s book Making Sense of the Cross. Why did Jesus die? What does the cross tell us about God? You might be surprised to hear that Lutherans don’t all think the same thing about these matters – and that’s okay! Come, eat, pray, hear what others believe, and sort out what you believe, too.

You may purchase David Lose’s book on Amazon or through Augsburg Fortress publishers by clicking here:
Purchasing the book is NOT required for participation.

HOLY WEEK: The Holiest Season.
More info about these celebrations now, but for now, mark your calendars:
Palm Sunday: April 2, 10:15AM
Maundy Thursday: April 6, 7PM
Good Friday: April 7, 7PM
Easter Vigil: April 8, 7PM
The First Sunday of Easter (Resurrection Sunday): April 9, 10:15AM